JK Paper & People

Great companies are the result of motivated employees who act as leaders in their own sphere of work to drive the Company into the future. At JK Paper, we have always believed that true leadership is about developing leaders at all levels. Because it is they, who with their passion, initiative and teamwork, anticipate change and lead their Company towards higher goals. Perhaps that is why, despite our 80 years in the business and a mindset that cherishes human values, we remain young, vibrant and ever alive to the challenges of today.


Extensive investments are made toward people and people practices. Fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship has enabled JK Paper to be the “change leader” in the Indian paper industry.


Talent pool at JK Paper would rank among the very best in the Indian Paper Industry today.


As we march forward to take on the challenges of tomorrow, it is these self-motivated individuals of JK Paper who are leading the journey of change from the forefront.