JK Paper & Technology

JK Paper & Technology

Over the last decade, the constant endeavour of JK Paper has been to upgrade its manufacturing technology and processes at grass-root levels to help create customer value and safeguard the environment. JK Paper has one of the most modern Pulp Mill, fastest paper machine and State of the Art Automatic Cut-size line at Rayagada (JKPM) and an upcoming new pulp mill at Songadh (CPM) along with fastest and largest packaging board machine in India.

As we expanded our capacity over the years, we have been able to upgrade and bring in modern technologyand processes at grass-root levels to help create customer value and safeguard the environment as well.  Technology has been upgraded both in pulping and paper manufacturing.


Modern technology has helped us to achieve “scale economies” as also led to “resource conservation” especially in energy (power consumption) and water usage per unit output. Modern technology + process innovation + efforts by all concerned have helped to keep resource consumption at a minimum level and reduce it’s per unit output.


To give some examples, through our expansion by adding PM 6 at unit JKPM, we have been able to bring down the water, energy & fibre consumption.


Modern technology along with various other measures have also helped the Company to reduce its gas/air emissions a well. Green Power generated is contributing 44% of total power consumption at unit JKPM thus reducing dependency on Fossil fuels. The unit has received over 30,000 RECs in past 1 year for generating power by using steam produced by biomass and is the first such power project in Odisha.


Today, JK Paper has one of the most modern Pulp Mill, fastest paper machine and State of the Art Automatic Cut-size line at Unit JKPM. It recently installed a new pulp mill at Unit CPM along with fastest and largest Carton board machine in India.


Wood Handling


Modern Disc choppers ensures uniform chip size, Low dust generation and lower specific power consumptions. This will help us in improving overall pulp yield %.


Pulp Mill


Modern digesters for cooking with advanced controls helps us in producing uniform quality pulp at High yield with minimum energy consumption. Environment friendly Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) bleaching improves fiber strength and brightness.


Recovery Island


Falling film Multistage evaporators ensures high efficiency and reliability by utilizing Lamella heating surfaces. Higher solids Black liquor generated out of these evaporators helps us in getting more steam per ton of Solids. High pressure (65 Br,450 O C) Recovery Boilers generates significant amount of steam which helps us to reduce the fossil fuels. JK Paper is the only company in India that is producing Bio Methanol in Indian Paper Industry. Our methanol plant installed in unit JKPM has reduced furnace oil consumption by half.


Power Block


All three units are installed with highly efficient CFBC boilers operate at 105 bar pressure. This has helped us in reducing our emissions and unburnt carbon.


Distribution Control Systems


Our advanced DCS and QCS are centralized at one location. This helps in managing operations from one location and with less/no manpower on field.


Paper and Board Machines


We have invested in latest POM approach system in the recently installed CPM unit PM 5. Small Footprint avoids multiple chests in our approach system. Less chemical and water consumption compared to traditional approach systems.


  • Disc Filters – Resource efficiency is key aspect in selecting our equipment. These disc filters help us in improving fiber recovery and also to reduce our water consumptions.
  • Auto Dilution Hydraulic Head boxes – With inbuilt turbulence generator and Auto dilution control, these head boxes provide excellent CD grammage profiles and Fiber orientation.
  • Speed sizer – This technology improves surface and optical properties of the Paper.
  • Curtain Coaters
  • Twin Drum Winders – Winders are equipped with soft winding drums, advance drive controls to deliver excellent winding quality.
  • Automatic storage and Retrieval systems – Fully automatic Reel and Pallet storage systems enable automated operations and faster tracing cum retrieving facilities.


Effluent Treatment Plant


All our units are having state of the art Effluent Treatment Plants. We not only comply the existing norms but also investing to make our systems future ready.


Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

We are creating Data lakes to collect all the useful data that is being generated from multiple DCS and PLCs in our plants. Advanced Machine learning algorithms are used to predict process and quality parameters in advance and implement Model Based Control in closed loop. This helped us to finetune operations, and we have witnessed significant savings in terms of chemical consumption reduction, energy efficiency and water conservation.